Unlike you members I have NO music skills. That said, I do own the above keyboard & would like to be advised on something simple to begin with...

e.g: I have a printout for 'Smoke on the Water' tabs, chords or whatever (common methinks), & wish to know how to CONVERT those to the keyboard. So, because I'm not familiar with 'E', 'Q', etc - where do I go to on the keyboard....?

Additionally, the likes of '--0---3---5----0----3---6-5', what keys for those?

To finish my naive question - what is the guitar used for that song (bass, lead, .....?)

Thanks to you for giving this a thought to help me BEGIN!

E G A E G Bb A, And I'm pretty sure it shows the note names on the keyboard.

I guess you could say it's played on lead guitar.