This could be a bit of fun.

I will post something funny: A picture, story, joke, or anything.

Someone comes along. They say yes/no whether they found it funny and laughed or not. They post something funny, then someone else says if they found it funny, etc.

Ok, here is my funny thing...



This is the last thing I do tonight (hopefully...)

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I was about to diss kornflipsk8er, but then i realized hes an 03er and im an 09er.
I am inferior to him.

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I am fairly certain that kornflipsk8er is GOD!!!11!!!!1!!

Well I know I lol'ed
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You guys are forgetting the most important part of sounding like Alexi.
Yao Yao
ibanezplayer, those were classic.

Supra-edit: The fish one was good, but i saw it long ago. it didnt have the virginity thing though. i think its funny because her leg is messed up like she cant walk right. ahh, racial stereotypes....

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Se habla español

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People come up with the dumbest names for sexual acts. And the most disgusting concepts for sexual acts.

I'm tempted to report this thread because of how weird this is getting.

I saw x/taluha get her clock

My Favorite. Rock, Paper, Scissors

more to come. hehe. snowjob. hot. and cold.

i just saw this one. these guys are genius.

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