Does anyone own one? how is the feel and sound?
im looking into getting one, if possible a C1 Artist series.
are they worth it?
yeah I own one, Very versitile if you pick the right one. I'm not sure if the Aritist Edition comes with the coil tap or not but if it does it adds more tone for you pleasure. unless its like the hellraiser series those are built for metal and such.
My Gear:
epiphone les paul cusom, Limited edition. evo dimarzio pick ups
Parker P-38
epiphone hummingbird
line 6 flextone
crate vtx 120

head full of ideas.
I own an Omen 6... I'm not using any special pickups, and my amp is a 15w Crate (which sucks)... I get a decent sound, I should say yes, the body is really nice.