hey guys... im wanting to create a guitar instrumental, you know 3 or 4 mins long, solo guitar, chords/melody type thing.
is there any sites for tips/info on this tyoe of thing?
i have a melody i want to use already...
thanks for any help
i'm sure there are sites out there, i don't know where they are but i'm sure google does

you might want to delete the other thread btw
lets see.. i don't know any sites 'bout this out there in cyberspace..
i'll just list some things you have to keep in mind..
do not over-use the melody you've got..
do not use the same progression throughout the entire song, change it
it is very important to keep it interesting so substitute alot, use awkward timing, time sigs and stuff like that.. in these things you often hear strong modulations (Amin-Bmin-Cmin for example) and a lot of diminishing

also, never loose the overal progression and keep it devalopping using speed, dynamics, rests, 3ds and 7ths and go ahead..

all i can think of now
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My advice would be to check out the Ventures.

What they do is a bit dated, but the format is there.

It basically involves having the vocal melody played, with add on licks and stuff. very cool.