ok, so recently I've been trying to get away from using the computer as my hub for all my sheet music.. so what I'm doing at the moment is converting everything to bitmap's and then I'm going to put them on a portable media player of sorts...

I've already tried it with my PSP, but two problems arose, one, my little itty bitty memory stick which I never cared to upgrade, is too tine to store more than 10 pages... and the firmware itself sucks, so you can only zoom in on either the whole thing, two lines, or if you want to actually be able to read the music, all the way to two bars, and then you have to move the really sensitive stick, and then let the screen adjust and focus.. its a hassle to say the least, and hardly useful outside of a simple novelty.

So what I was looking at currently was two products..
first up was the Iriver Clix... which is reasonably priced, has 2 gb of memory, and a 2.2" screen, which, if the firmware is decent for viewing pictures, seems like a pretty decent affair..

The other option I saw was the Archos 2-tone portable player, various sizes, with a 4.3" screen which is probably half the size of the Clix.. but its also around twice the price... but seems like it might be worth it for reading music..

Bottom line, anyone ever have a similar situation to mine? if so, what do you think works best? even if you haven't had this problem, any ideas? anyone work with the two products?
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