Jason Swartzman's new band, you know, the big actor guy in all those ridiculously good indie films.

He was also the drummer for Phantom Planet many moons ago, you know, when he wrote all their hits like California and Big Brat but left the band for his film carear.

anyway you can thank me later.

Coconut Records

yeah, you can thank me later, because it's pretty much amazing in all meanings of the word.

idunno. Brendan Leonard's attempt at indie rock sucked. And Swartz basically capsized the already sinking ship that was Marie Antoinette.

I'll check it out sometime though

Update: checked it out. ehh. sounds like MIDI-era Destroyer. Not that into it.
I just got this album, I enjoyed it. To me it almost sounds like a hybrid of Weezer and Phantom Planet ( when Jason Swartzman was in it). I like his voice. It's just a good rock album, I don't think it boring, just not that original.
Jason and his brother Robert are both hawt.

That aside, I'll see about checking it out.
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