Well, I deleted my old "cab question" thread because I wanted to make a more updated thread.

I want to build my own cab, because I can make it exactly to my specifications, for a lot cheaper, and make it just as nice.

I have the tools to make it. Here is the plan

I am gonna buy large sheets of plywood, hardwoods. I will take it home and cut out the basic shape, most likely a slant cab shape, 3 feet tall or so, I don't want to have to bend down to reach my amp. I will use a router and rout the wood around the cuts, and nail it all together.
I will paint the woods with a wood finish that will probably be a dark red/cherry, because natural wood finishes kick ass.
I will then cut 2 12in diameter holes at the top, angled upwards at a 120ish degree angle. I will put my speakers in those holes, and most likely use the router to have them flush with the cabinent. My first problem is cutting 12 inch holes, how is this done?
Next, I may cut a large rectangular hole in the bottom, and install a drawer to hold all my gear in, because I think this would be a nifty idea. And I'm not eric clapton, so I don't think this will decimate my tone to a level I care about.
My next problems is function, what kind of electronics will I need, I have never seen a cab face to face and can't even tell you what the thing plugs into. However, I imagine it might be wires running from the speakers to a 1/4 adaptor and out the back, this shouldn't be too hard to make, I have an old strat copy that I took apart one day and never really cared to put it back together, I think it will suit it quite nicely. Any other electronics?
Next is some heavy duty handles, it might be heavy, and I will leave the back open, except for 2 pieces of wood to protect the structure of the cab at the top and bottom, and a piece of wood over the drawer to keep my stuff from falling out.

I need to know how to make a 12 inch hole...
Oh, and how to make an angled cut. We have a saw that tips on the X (yaw), but I've never seen one tip on the Y axis(roll)
Ok, figured it out. The drawer was a bad idea, I'm just gonna have 4 30w hellatone speakers.
I will use a jigsaw like this one:

with a fine blade to cut a circular pattern. It's only like $50, so not out of my price range.

Anyone know anything on wood staining and treating? I want to get a dark red finish, and want it nice.

Could someone now give me the dimensions of a speaker, how far it goes back?
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On speaker dimensions, it depends on the model you're using. Go look up the company that makes up your speakers, they'll have it listed.

I dunno why I asked that, my palomino has a celestion in it already.