i found this guitar on a austrlian ebay and it was liek half price retail which is pretty sweet.

Um anyone got any advice on buying on ebay like if i pay cod im just worried that it will be a peice of when i get it and be faulty and stuff

also ANyone got any views on it?
your typing aint too good.

its an ok guitar, but theres better for the price.
Status: Taken.
Wait if it is that one, ad you want it. Offer him $1000 to buy it straight away like the guy in that question. It's not worth $1500 but $1000 is reasonable. Free postage sounds good too. A regular EX-400 costs like $1500 RRP I think.

If that's what you're looking for then I'd buy it for $1000. Doesn't seem shady or anything.
$1000 is a pretty good deal for that guitar. And if you don't like it, since you got it cheap, you can always sell it again and probably get your money back at least. Maybe make some money if you're clever enough. I'd buy it.

If you use PayPal it will be insured too since it's under $1500. They can't really rip you off with PayPal.
Eh? How come it mentions two EMG 81's at the top line, but later says EMG81/60 pickups?
He probably took the 60 for another guitar or something. Some guitars do come with 81/81 stock though so I guess it can't be too bad. Just personal preferance. It would just be brighter for the neck instead of a mellower rhythm tone.
back then the older series of EX400BD were 81/81, like mine, and even though its both the same pickups, the tone is very different when placed in the bridge and neck.

its a pretty dark sounding guitar imo, darker than my M-II, thats why i kept the 81 in the bridge, and not swap it with 85 like i did with my M-II
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