Hello UGers,
I have been in the market for a bigger amplifier, as after 7 months, as I am still stuck with my Marshall MG10. (note: ive played guitar 13 months, electric for 7 months.) My Guitar teacher reccommended the Fender Blues Junior, because he knows im into Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Hendrix, Cream, etc. He said this amp would suit my wide playing spectrum. (I have a pedalboard so i dont need many on-board effects) I was wondering if anyone confirmed his reccommendation...is the Blues Junior right for me?
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as long as your pedalboard has od/dist, i say go for it, blues junior is a great amp

and its gonna be VERY loud compared to your mg10 (if volume is what you are looking for)
It'll be fine as long as you don't need really loud cleans.
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As long as you've got a good OD pedal and need the gorgeous cleans, go for it! I've got one and I play all that music you listed too.
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do u play in ur room alot?

the only thing to note is that, ull want od pedals at lower volumes. when u crank it, it naturally gets dirtier, but is too loud for bedroom use.

so hopefully u have a place to crank it, maybe are moving towards playing with others.

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What are you looking to do with it? Jamming with friends? Maybe small gigs? That what you should be loooking towards. And if so, your guitar teacher has recommended a very good amp for you. Go for it!

P.S.: Save yourself a couple bucks and buy it used! Maybe get yourself a nice OD or wah to go along with it!
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it's a nice amp, no doubt.

other alternatives would be an epi valve junior, perhaps (less versatility, but more of a british rock tone). less wattage, too, but still pretty loud when cranked up.

what's your budget, and current rig (guitars, and pedals, etc.)?
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