6 months 6 days
Seven hours past
And here I am
By your side and
Never letting go again
With all my might
I'm holding on
For dear life

But when I get to your house
Someone else is coming out
I see you lying there
On the ground and
I run up to see if your
Ok but
All I saw was the blood
And then you die---

The needles on the floor
Seem to explain
That your only love
Wasn’t me.

I know it won't take
The pain away
But I stick those needles
In my vein

Then for a second
You blink awake
And you word everything
You couldn’t say

That you loved me
That I loved you
That you never meant
It to end this way---

6 months 6 days
Seven hours past
N‘ I don’t know
How I last

Without you
You’re the air I breathe
It’s killing me baby
I'm suffocating

Don’t you dare
Look for me
Because baby
I coming for you

for yoooooou...

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