Hey guys, new here, been playing bass for 2 years
first post is a rather noobish question for someone who can play YYZ properly ( ), but i am having trouble getting the correct tone for the RATM song Calm Like A Bomb. I got a Crybaby Bass Wah, so if ppl can tell me how to get the tone of the bass in the song i would appreciate it thx.

Easy: Make your pedalboard look like this:


Dial in the crybaby so the little markers on the knobs are at roughly 9 o'clock, and set your distortion (NOT overdrive, actual distortion) for lots of dirt. I use a Boss Xtortion for this sound because I can make it sound somewhat similar to Timmy's custom box (which is basically a Marshall Guv'nor stuck in one setting). If you can't find an original black Guv'nor or Xtortion pedal, the newer chrome Guv'nors or even a Big Muff should do fine. As for compression, pretty much anything should be fine, but for reference, Tim uses an Aphex Punch Factory. I use an old Boss CS-3 and it works fine.
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lol thx man
but for the bit regarding the distortion pedals, i only got a BOSS Bass Overdrive ODB-3 Pedal, do u think it'll work?
i seem to be asaking a lot lol