How do you do the thing where you remove a third (timewise) of three notes (dont know what its called) when the time is like this:

E. S E

When I try to do that it always lookes like this:
E. S E

Removing a sexteenth note instead.

Thx in advance.

E=Eighth S=Sexteenth .=dotted note

Edit: The second time it came out wrong. The sexteenth and Eight are tied together, removing a sexteenth note.
For a a dotted note press the little star button on the number pad. I think thats what your asking.
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sorry...no. The thing im looking for lookes like this


and I want to be able to put it over a dotted eigth, a sexteenth and a normal eigth.
When I put it the normal way it comes over the sexteeth and normal eigth only. How can I put it over all three of them?

Hope this explains it better
You want to triplet-ify a dotted eith a 16th and an eight which is not possible.
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