Do you think it's time for having my frets crowned? On some frets the strings sounds quite dull and die really quick. The sustain isn't what it's supposed to be.

Thanks in advance,
Looking from that pic I'd say definatley. You'll get a lot more sustain and a smoother feeling once the jobs done.
It's really hard to tell without actually seeing the guitar. From the Pic they look on the edge. If it were my guitar, I would wait a few morth months, but for those people that have to have things perfect, it could use a recrown. Just remember that each recrown and each fret dressing takes away some of the fret wire. After your 1 compleat refret, your guitar will sound a little different. Guitars are like kids. You have to cherish the times you have then them when they are young, before you know it the time is gone, and you can never have it back. Don't make your guitar grow up too quickly.
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