Heres the go
I'm sick of going through poorly made guitars that cost.
I've gone through LTD, ESP, Ibanez prestige and schecter, all in lefties.
Point being is that there just isn't any quality in lefties with floating trems.
I can get a parker fly but thats going to cost AU$6000,
any other suggestions?
No suggestions, but I do feel your pain. I was forced to start out on a stagg LH strat copy because nothing else was available. (Belgium is a musician's hell...)

The stagg broke down, got a new one, broke down too, then I got an accoustic which survives to this day (but sounds like shit.)

Eventually I made the switch to bass, and I got a Yamaha RBX270L. Thankfully this instrument seems to be of a better quality, but it also cost me 100 euro more just because it's a lefty...

All in all, I sympathize.
I couldn't afford a lefty model, so I play right-handed. I can play lefty too, just not as well(yet).
You can always just pull a Hendrix and String a Right Hand guitar for a lefty.

You almost definately will have to do some adjustments to the nut and other stuff but it would be alot cheaper then paying 6000 for a good leftie.
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