Hi all, just curious on what you fellow guitarists think of stickers to mark out every note on the fretboard.
The stickers wont mark your guitar, not roll up under the strings, (unless your a guitar player with super slinky strings,a left hand like a gorilla, and own an ibaneze with super low action...lol) they are more of a beginer thing, but Ive been playing for around 10yrs now (seriously,5 years of prentending to learne/think i was learning lol) and Im finding it very helpful for longer runs,contructing chords etc.
Whats ppls opions???...would you buy these? does someone else sell em/make em?.
All input(CONTRUCTIVE criticism) would be appreciated.
Cheers and may the shreder be with you.lol.

Err, how can you look at the fretboard when you're playing??? I might be doing it all wrong but the fretboard tends to point away from me when I'm playing.

This could explain why nobody else has marketed this idea??

So no, I wouldn't buy them.


once someone learns to downtune to alternate or even drop d, it'll be useless, no?

It would probably be more fun to make a guitar that had a small calculator type screen that displaued a random not, and when you pressed it and got it right, it does cool lighting effects around the guitar, like my keyboard. then again, I think they have it on that yamaha guitar that uses buttons instead of frets.
Could be good and pretty helpful for beginners but nothing else really. Every guitarist should know the notes on the fret board anyway.
Not a very good idea... Unless they weren't stickers, and the fretboard was actually a digital screen, then if you down tune, it goes with you...

Wow that'd be cool, but cost a hellof a lot, and you wouldn't need it after a while of playing.

well I was thinking of putting them upside down,(when you play there the right way up) and as for drop D tuning, when you learn the fretboard using these, (as a beginner) it may make it easier when you get to learning drop D, unless your into metal and you go straight for drop D, but its also easy enough to make a drop D set to.....not sure, all the right feedback...cheers.??
Ive also come across the digital idea too, ( I worked for a pickup manufacturer for a while)..after putting in the truss rod theres not a lot of room...let alone meat(wood in the neck) to stop the neck snapping like a toothpic. Looking like this may be a cool discussion..
Maybe you could put only the screen up on the fretboard, and all the wiring on the back of the neck? and then the wood over it.... so like

==================================== <<<Truss Road
I tried that once,(with and led type deal instead of display, thinking i would have more room..I may be wrong.) but the neck bent (serverly) nearly overnight, without weather change. But Im loving this, it seems like after at least 50yrs of guitar building (fender style etc) we are still at were good ol leo and gibson had perfected...lol, would be good to have a modern spin for the kiddies lol
Lol... well hmm... What if you could put the wiring in the body?

Edit: Well I gtg bed, cya...
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Um.... soo.... If you break a string and have to use a guitar without this... You're screwed? It's like fretlight... It's a crutch, it doesn't really help. You should be able to visualize the fretboard and know it in my opinion...
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I found it was the wiring to be the problem, because there is so many notes on a guitar when you convert it to wiring(goin each wire to an led) it works out around at least 6mm in dia. of wiring alone, which needs to run back to the body, so from first fret you start to gather dia. and then you need to bend the wires enough to run back to the body(again taking up more room).. I think I might look into the digital display some more, because you could run the wire to the digital display into 1 end (were neck meets body) and maybe have enough room?.
Well I was hoping It would help to "visualise" the fretboard, from a beginner stage that is, then once you are getting comfortable with were your going, you remove them and have a better visualisation for the notes and boxes..such as pentatonic scales etc. I was also thinking of colour coding them, all "a"s 1 colour etc. no it may make it easier when jamming to find root notes etc. Thats seems to be helping me, but its all experimental and agian Im just looking for opinions, cheers all, your feedback is great.
Actually stuff like this helps beginners learn and get a feel of the fingerboard. Problem is, it's easy to grow dependent on this.

You can try to make the flat/sharp notes a different hue as their Prefix (ex. A is red, A# is darker red and Ab is a lighter red)?
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Meh, it does help you learn, but it's better in the long run to just suck it up an do it the old-fashioned way.

And TS, uh, when I play I can't really see the fretboard, it's not a matter of it being upside down, only the audience will see the stickers, and you'll look like a noob.

Plus, it's not good to be looking at your fretting hand all the time.
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they sell these. fretboard markers.

stickers to learn a certain scale or to learn parts of the board.

i use them to help teach.

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