I was watching Top Gear just now and one of the guys sold a pack of used cigarettes for about 6 pounds.

It got me thinking, What stupid item could i sell on ebay to make a fair profit with.
I then decided to get some ideas from this board.

So, list some stupid item ideas to sell on eBay
well theres plenty of weird/perverted people out there
think kinky and used

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an ipod (box)
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old callendars, broken cd's (yes, even if you list them as broken...), old computer bits (broken or working), old magazines, used up ball-point pens, broken guitar strings, lightbulbs, broken down alarm clocks, etc...

Put anything on there. I think the principle is: You give us your unwanted shit, and we'll find you a retard who'll buy it.
Can't go past the ghost in the jar dude. Sell a jar that has a ghost in it. Always wins
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an ipod (box)

when the xbox360 came out i saw a box for it go for a huge price and the auction was CLEARLY marked many times that it was just a box.

i wished i got to that one first lol
ha... I once saw a Honda guitar vintage guitar effect on ebay called "Spice"
It was being sold for about $80

but the funny thing is the picture of it the electronics of the thing only showed two shielded wires in a metal box going straight from the input to the output.

We were having a laugh trying to come up with what it did.

So anyways the moral of the story is to make some "hand made" "custom" "made in america" guitar effects using just some wires a metal box and an input and output and sell it for a couple hundred bucks or something.

It doesn't have to do something special. You can say it's an underpowered effect and reccomend buying two to compensate.
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A guy from Brisbane was auctioning off New Zealand (the country) a while back, the bidding got to about $6000 before the auction was pulled down.
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I wonder if anyone has tried to sell their virginity on eBay. CONSPIRACY!
Ive seen some funny things on ebay, one of them was a guy selling "peace of mind" at a buy it now of 0.99p. It seemed a bit novel, but the idea was, that when you bought it, he would post you a link to nirvarna of mind (it was just a flash animation he made I think) but everyone knew it was just a ebay joke, you know, a bit of fun....

then I read how many purchases this item had of the last few months...

in the region of about 1500 purchases

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an empty packet of crisps. or rabies.
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Sell an air guitar




A lock of hair/pubes, A sample of sperm and some plaque scraped from your teeth. And easy £25 at least.

If you want quick $$$ just paint jesus face on a toast and sell it on e-bay. How do you think I got my fender?
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Sell an air guitar

Bingo. If you convince people money made is for charity, you're in.

Also, sell a "picture of a bike" (or similar), some people might mistake it for an actual bike and put ridiculous bids on
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