Realising I'll only get about 2-3 highers this year, I decided that I was gonna do an HND in computing at college or something. I think it's a 2 year course?

Then afterwards go to university, but I heard even after doing an HND which if I am right, is like 1st-year university work, that you are still not guaranteed to get accepted into university? Is there anyone here on UG, that does computing in college/uni or that went from an HND > University and if so, how was the transfer? How does Uni differ from college?
The way it works is your first year in college would be a HNC (equivalent of 1st year uni), then HND (equivalent of 2nd year uni), and then you COULD go to Uni to finish the degree, depending on if the uni lets you in.

I'd recommend you just go to college and do a couple of highers, and then apply for uni.
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Did you do any college courses ? If so did you go into Uni afterwards?

I'm not sure I really want to do more highers after getting these 2 or 3 I'll get, the reason I probably won't get more is I'm really losing interest in the subjects that there are to do, and I'd rather go on to study the subject I want to take on computing, something I'll probably go on to do later.