Okay, I'm about to buy my first Jeff Beck album. Which one should I get?

I'm looking for more classic rock/blues Beck stuff, not the jazz fusion stuff he went on to do. Thanks.

Also, could you recommend the best Rod Stewart album?
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Beck-Ola or Truth.

Great choice in Beck, he's my favorite guitarist of all time, and you're getting a great album. Know that Ron Wood and Rod Stewart are on these.

Truth is the best Jeff Beck rock record and the best record with Rod Stewart.
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I liked his Jazzy Blow By Blow album, but that's the only Jeff Beck that I've heard.
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Havin' a Rave Up and The Yardbirds are the best Yardbirds albums. There are only two albums with Rod Stewart, Truth and Beck-ola. The Jeff Beck Group is a gooder as well. Beck, Bogert & Appice is one of his best. The rest of his albums are pretty much fusion and techno. I've never heard anything off Rough and Ready, but I hear it's pretty lousy.
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Classic Rock Recommendation Thread.


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