Poll: Which guitar do you most Identify with Ozzy Osbourne?
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View poll results: Which guitar do you most Identify with Ozzy Osbourne?
Randy Rhoads' Jackson V
36 21%
Randy Rhoads' Polkadot V
47 28%
Randy Rhoads' Cream Les Paul
10 6%
Zakk Wylde's Bullseye Les Paul
30 18%
Jake E. Lee's Strat
3 2%
Tony Iommi's SG
42 25%
Voters: 168.
Hey guys I need just a little bit of info for a school project I'm doing. If you could vote in the poll I would really appreciate it. Basically if you think of Ozzy Osbourne on stage playing a song and you look to his left, what do you see? Do you see Jake E. Lee with his Charvel/Fender Strat? Do you see Zakk Wylde with his bullseye Les Paul? Do you see Tony Iommi with his SG? Or do you see Randy Rhaods with either one of his V's or his Les Paul?

I just want you to basically tell me the guitar you think of when you think of Ozzy Osbourne.

Iommi every time. but if you want people to vote in a poll then you should add one to the thread...

EDIT: you have now.
Yeah I just had to set it up... I didn't realise the thread was posted and then you set up the poll!
Thanks for you responses guys! I waited hours on other sites and got nothing. Keep 'em coming. You guys rock.
It's all about Iommi! Although obviously Iommi would be centre-stage and Ozzy running around somewhere at the side
I can see Zakk Wylde with his Bulls Eye Les paul.. I like that guitar..
Guilty as charge
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i'll have to say the polkadot V. tat thing is extremely rare, and is one of the most recognised guitar in metal history
This poll is stupid though - you feel the need to list three different Randy Rhoads guitars but only one for each other guitarist - do you think Iommi has used the same Gibson for all of his 40 year career? My favourite Iommi guitar is his JayDee custom.
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I find it funny that you have a Zakk Bullseye in your avatar :P

Randy had three unique guitars! Every rock star has several guitars, but Tony almost always used his SG.

And it's also not your favourite guitar we're talking about here. We're talking which guitar do you most identify with Ozzy's music. If I could base this thing I'm doing off my favourites then this thread would be unnecessary.
When I saw "Ozzy Osbourne's guitarists" i thought Randy but then when it mentioned ANY of them Iommi all the way, my favourite guitarist (along with Steve Vai) he's had the biggest influence on my playing.
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i'll have to say the polkadot V. tat thing is extremely rare, and is one of the most recognised guitar in metal history


That's the same guy that designed Zakk's polka dot V, and to tell you the truth $2600 isn't that much for a guitar like that.
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Definately Iommi, he was the first and the best.
Iommi all the way
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Whenever I think Ozzy, I think of Randy and his Polka Dot V.
polka dot v, even though he used the les paul more. zakk got the whole cream les paul thing from randy anyways imo.
I'd say Randy Rhoads Les Paul....I see him in alot of pictures with that.....Randy Rhoads had the best looking guitars ever in my opinion....He had great taste...
I'd say the iommi sg
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oh, its has to be jake e. lee's strat. i mean come on, who's never seen that thing?

rly, the polka dot v wins
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