It's called 'You Put A Spell On Me'

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I'll take the train that'll see me
Back to you and your figure eight body
Show me your secret ways

If I don't make it this time round then
I'll just let it float away
Give me one good reason
Give me one good reason

You put a spell on me
You X2

There's so much I haven't thanked you for
Still many words left unsaid
I see only, I see only, I see only the best in you

Because you put a spell on me
You put a spell on me

Will crit back.

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That was great. Voice sounds very Gilmour esque. It has a nice open ringing sound. The only part that was a bit strange for me was the harmonics they could be cleaned up or taken out.
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im surprised that you havent gotten more feedback on this, this is a very beautiful song. i love the way that you harmonize your voice, its almost overpowering at times but its part of the song, and its excellent. i agree with wholovesthesun though, the harmonics didnt really do much for me. overall, great guitar work and very good voice, keep it up
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oh wow, this is pretty cool man. Its a very sweet song, i think, and I love songs like that. I love your acoustic tone, how did you manage it. You have a nice voice. Nice short little ditty, but a cool little ditty. the part that i was kinda iffy on was the chorus, it sounded to jumbled, it was just to much for my taste, maybe lower the backing vocals, or something, mix that part a little better, thats my only complaint, good job nonetheless.

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it's great dude, feels like it's from your heart, very gilmourish.. keep up the good work
This is really great... I won't comment on any specific parts because this song just washes over you.... but it had a lovely, relaxing feel, it reminded me of running water (as cliched as that is), and you have a good voice, it fitted the song perfectly. The best thing about it is the mood and atmosphere you create. Brilliant job.

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Dude, awesome song, you have an amazing voice, and great songwriting skills.

The only thing I can crit is the quality, and that means nothing, and it wont take away from my thoughts on the song.

Good job dude, good job.
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Thanks for all the comments guys.. i wasn't expecting such a good response.

To answer some of the questions:

- I used a condensor mic for the acoustic, and a vocal mic (large diaphragm?) for vox.
- I got the acoustic tone simply by close mic'ing the guitar, most of the acoustic tracks don't have any reverb or EQ, they are dry, as are the backing vocals (the harmony).

Yeah I'm not too sure about the harmonic part either... I just had to fill that gap with something (there was actually supposed to be a verse there... i missed it out!!) so when i come to finish my album i'm going to re-record this!

Thanks again. I WILL crit yours when I have time!!

Yeah... love the vocals. You've got a good voice, very smooth and charismatic. Stayed well in the pitch too. There's just something that I don't like in the acoustic guitar in the background though. I guess, I would've preferred just strumming. Instead, it sounded like a big mess in some parts. How about adding drums and bass here? It's a good song, but I think it need development. You've got a great voice, keep making music.

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I didn't really like the phrasing in some parts. "Figure 8... Body."

I like the lead part that comes in but I think it's too much going on at that point in the chorus.

This sounds very Dylan-esque.

I like the harmonics, but I think they should stop before you go into the verse.

The octaves (5ths) sliding riff sounds cool.

I think definitely think that high guitar part in the chorus is distracting to the vocals.

Overall, this is a good folk song.
Good to hear some finger picking on acoustic. IMO I'd brighten up the acoustic.. Your vocals are nice and warm and it kind of drowns out the guitar. Otherwise.. good job.
The voice makes me think a lot of gilmour in the verses.... guitarwork is very nice, soft and mellow. Good job with the harmonics too!

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Simply majestic song. Beautiful my friend..nicely done..i always enjoy hearing music that comes from the soul.
well, to be quite honest, i wasn't crazy about this song the first time through... but i've had your little playlist going for a little while now and i've probably heard this one 3 or 4 times now and it's really growing on me. i dig your voice and i dig the melody... the only two things that turn me off from the song are:

1. the mixing on the chorus... it just sounds kind of muddled or jumbled together... i wish i could give you some more constructive criticism like some ideas for cleaning it up, but i'm really not sure what i'd do honestly... anyway just maybe have a look at it

2. there have been several comments about the harmonics. i actually like the touch of the harmonics, but i think you keep them up for too long. when the texture of the song got on the thinner side and you added the harmonics in... i thought it was beautiful... BUT then whenever the texture picked up and the melody got thicker the harmonics just kinda confused the overall composition in my ears... so constructively: maybe have a closer look at where those harmonics fit into the music the best and where they are maybe more problematic than contributary.

one last thing... reverb keeps getting mentioned... i say to hell with that, you don't need it. overall, i'm really liking it! nice job, ollie. i'm a fan of yours.
thanks jim, that's awesome.

Again i'm really grateful for all the comments - i'll crit back as soon as i get this essay done!!!

I really like the style, i have to say the soft vocal and the finger picking go really well together on both the tracks.. i think you honestly be better off leaving it just the vocal and the guitar cause none of the added guitar really seems at an appropriate volume or quite in time with the main part. Seriously enjoyed it tho. good work.

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