Alright everyone i love the blues, so naturally i want to live in Memphis. Does anyone on this forum live in Memphis and care to take in a college student as a room mate lol. I will work, pay rent, and we could even jam..... just thought i'd ask...i'm not a serial killer or anything lol i'm a good southern guy that just wants to get out of my small town full of ignorant wanna be gangstas and emo punks....PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!!!!
The blues had a child...it was called rock and roll
dude memphis is full of "gangstas" and emo queers and elvis

trust me dude memphis sint all that great
if u wanna be blues u gotta go to chicago, to fuckin hot in the summer and the winters are gangrenously cold

i think your askin on the wrong forum, if youre not a serial killer the guy who says "yea, why not?" will be

EDIT; your sig is wrong, its "the blues had a baby and they called it rock and roll" thats exactly what Muddy said, give some credit dude
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I like Black Sabbath but man is Birmingham a shithole

Hey....i live there. and its true.

if you wants the blues, dont live in birmingham
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We beat you 6-0 you stupid mother ****er.

"Nobody likes an unkempt shrubbery - The monty Python appreciation society"
Oh mama, can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of mobile with the Memphis blues again
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"i am so proud that by chance i am living in a place that during a territorial divide it got the largest mass of land."

hey texas, nobody cares.