hey there - ive just written a review for jet in concert - but when i try to submit it it tells me to enter a band/model name. When i click on these, it wont let me type or select anything. any help?
First choose Live Concerts, then you need to pick a band name under manufacturer/artist, if Jet isn't listed, scroll to the top and pick "other", that should activate the text boxes.
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Have you clicked on "live concerts" in the "choose main category" column on the left?
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Then that's odd... hmm. I know before a category is selected all you get in the Manufacturer/Artist & Model/Album boxes is "- - -" and the boxes below you can't type in, but as soon as I click on a topic under the "Main Category" column the others become usable, like this:

Clicking one of the the topics should work... have you got any adblock/noscript type extensions for your browser? Sometimes they can interfere. Other than that, I'm out sorry, hopefully someone more computer savvy than I will be able to help you.
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