Well, I've possibly found some people to jam with. The only problem though is that I'm not that good. I want to jam with people in hopes of possibly getting better, but in some ways I'm afraid that they'll be annoyed with my lack of awesomeness. Should I wait a bit and try to get better, or go ahead and jam with them and hope they'll be patient and understanding?
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Go ahead and jam......you wont be judged and get called crappy (unless the people your jamming with are real assholes). You can learn alot from playing with other people- dont be scared, just join in.
how exactly do you jam? do you just take it in turns to solo over chords?
You should try it. Lessons are nice but useless if you never use the stuff you learned. Playing with other people is the most important thing for a musician.
I often go to a pub in the city, they have a cellar with some instruments. sometimes there really cool sessions.
just tell them you don't think your not that good, if they're cool they'll understand. i think jamming with other people is the best way to learn. just go ahead, you'll probably fit right in.
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This was my thinking. Jam with people who don't suck, then eventually stop sucking too.
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yeah go for it and jam with them like everybody says. theres several good reasons for this. first and foremost i'd like to state that i know a bit of theory and i've been playing for 12 years now. i will jam with ANYONE on any kind of music, those of us who are pretty decent and have been playing awhile can still learn things from those who haven't been playing nearly as long as well, the people we are jamming with can learn from us. oftentimes those who haven't been playing as long look at music in a very different light than those of us who have learned some theory and things like this (i know 10 years ago i looked at music VERY differently), it's a good ego check to often remind us to use our ears and ease up on the theory. we can also learn different ways to approach music and ideas that the "noobs" just do naturally because they don't know a whole ton of theory, just what they think sounds good. so it can usually be good for everyone to jam, besides just go and have fun, i have friends that aren't as technically adept as me but they can still write some great tunes and jam and have fun, isn't that what its all about?
I personally find jamming to be incredibly fun.

No one should really make fun of you unless you've only been playing about a month and you never practice or anything. Jamming with people isn't supposed to be about showing off or proving you're 'better' than someone else - jamming is about have fun with other people who love music.

Just go in aiming to have fun, and don't worry about being really good or anything - chances are you'll learn a lot. Also, if there's anyone else who you see regularily I would recommend jamming with them. I personally jam with my moms boyfriend and uncle whenever I have the chance.
Jamming is awesome- it's pretty much where you can develop the most as a musician if you don't have a steady band going. If you have any riff ideas, try bringing them up, and maybe they'll check them out, possibly incorporate them into the jam. And don't ever feel stupid. I once jammed with 3 months of real experience in guitar with other musicians who had at least a year on me. I just did rhythm with power chords, and no one told me I sucked. So I guess I did okay.
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Jamming is what being a musician is all about IMO.

It is way more fun than sitting by yourself in your room doing scales :P

If your not that good maybe they can teach you some better technique's or something. If i had never jammed Im sure i would have played alot differently.

It also gets you used to playing with a band.
Well, I'm used to jamming. I jam with my dad and my brother all the time, but we only play like five songs because my dad refuses to learn anything new and he also won't help me with chord names. So I don't really know any of the chords by name. I'm not too bad skill-wise, there are worse, but my lack of theory is a bit worrying to me.
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Well I've jammed with people before, and I don't wanna sound cocky but everytime it was with people who weren't nearly as good as me. I wasn't annoyed at all, I still had fun. So I say, go ahead anyways, it's just fun, you don't have to be awesome. Go for it.
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