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So I've gone from being annoyed over hearing Led Zeppelin every other song on the local classic rock radio station, to falling in love with them all over again.

And as one would expect, the change came after starting to learn to play the guitar.

Long story short... I can't stop playing In my time of dying. I've listened some other blues stuff using the slide, and I think it sounds really, really cool.

So here's my question. I'm drawn to run down to the music store and buy a slide to play on my strat. But do I need special strings for it? Do I need to change the action on my guitar? It seems to me, that with a slide, I'd just be bouncing over the frets and that wouldn't sound cool. Ideally, I'd love to be able to play with a slide, and without it, without having to change a bunch of stuff.

Any info would be awesome.

You guys rock.

I love this place.
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Cause I'm tired of playing the air guitar.
It sounds better to have a slide with bigger gauges of strings, already tried it. You should get a glass slide if you're playing electric, too.
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but basically you don't really NEED to change anything.

I've yeard bottle necks infact make the best slides.
i have a chrome slide sounds pretty good, if you you push to hard you will hit the fret wires just need to rest the slide on the strings and play right on the wire not on the fret itself
ibanez rocks
when i used nines, i couldnt get away with playing slide because the slide itself was too heavy and pushed the strings down. now i use 11s and it works great. also personally, i prefer glass slides on electric.
Next time, this should go in the beginner forum.

Unless you have very low action, you should be fine with just going out and getting a slide.
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