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I am looking for a versatile guitar to play altern rock...Bands like Placebo,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Nirvana,Blur,Muse,Pixies and this kind of stuff.I can't choose between these:


GenerallY which of the Fender guitars are better?Teles,Stratos or Jags?
getta jag, strats are too common, although I have a Cort SP-3 thats like a strat, and its a dream.
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If you wanna play RHCP it's pretty much essential that you have a single-coil in the bridge, so the LP is ruled out, however for most of the other stuff humbuckers are a bit better. If the 72 Telecaster is the one with the humbucker in the neck and single-coil in the bridge, it's perfect but if not go for a Strat or Jaguar, they will do. Out of the Fender guitars, they are all as good as each other, but I like the Jag the best coz it looks awesome
The Tele 72 is exactly as you say single coil bridge,humbucker neck.
I'm looking for a guitar in kind of the same music range. I was sooo in love with the jaguar sound and looks, but my hands are just to big for the short scale. Tried the Telecaster Deluxe as well, and I really really liked it, kind of LP sound, but a little clearer. The store didn't have the telecaster customs, want to try them as well.
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Go for a strat. If your a patient person and want to spent money on upgrading pups, getting a proper set up changing the bridge etc. then go for the jag. It's well worth it. Better than a strat once you've got there. But it deffinately tests your patience.
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Go for a strat. If your a patient person and want to spent money on upgrading pups, getting a proper set up changing the bridge etc. then go for the jag. It's well worth it. Better than a strat once you've got there. But it deffinately tests your patience.

What's wrong with the bridge?
You can play RHCP with humbuckers; it's nowhere near a Frusciante sound and probably not the optimal scinario, but it can be a good sound for that kind of thing none the less.
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Jaguar HH... The humbuckers will handle the distortion better than the singles. This will give you the "kurtified" jaguar without the trouble of making room in a regular jag for humbuckers. Perfect alternative rock guitar in my opinion.
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i think
you should get a mustang
i would have
if i would have had the money

it has the single coil in the bridge
but handles distortion well (cobain used a non-modified mustang for (only example) Smells like teen spirit)


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i say a fender sss strat with a distortion pedal. the bridge position single through a distortion pedal would work perfectly for the distortion that nirvana and pixies use. not really sure about muse tone though. the neck and middle pickups will give you perfect frusciante tone. never even heard of the blur or placebo
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Hum... looking at that list of bands, some guitar with Floyd Rose, HBs and SCs... Ibanez |:
But from that list of guitars, probably the Jag or the Tele.

That list is too complex to sum up on a perfect guitar.

Placebo - HB
Red Hot Chili Peppers - SC
Nirvana - HB
Blur - SC
Muse - HB and Floyd Rose

If you don't like Ibanez and find anything with a P90 and HB (like the LP BFG) and a Floyd Rose, go for it.
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Well the question now is.Tele 72 custom or Jaguar 62?I've ruled out stratos already.So choose one of them.
Don't get a HH Jag. Sorry to the guy above but I've had awful experience, crap pickups (Which probably aren't any higher output than the SC ones in a standard anyway.), crap electronics, the chrome appears to made from tin foil, and hell the hard tail just takes all the jaggyness out of it. You'd be better off with an original and sticking in some JB Jrs.

The standard bridge is pretty famed for having issues with string buzz, strings popping out of place etc. etc. if you take the time and bit of money to replace the saddles and set it up properly it's makes a big difference.

The regular CIJ Jag has regular MIJ strat pickups, 1 meg pots in the lead circuit and 500k (I think) pots in the rhythm circuit, the rhythm circuit has a slightly darker sound. And the lead circuit is very trebley and bite.
Is it true that jaguars can't stay in tune?!Compared to teles?
well if this is the case then isn't jaguar safe and general in terms of sound... does that make the claims of the sucky pickup invalid? coincidentally, i'm thinking of getting a telecaster '72 and a jaguar MIJ and i looked very hard for a forum of such relevance. please advice... going to Japan in a mth
btw, i was referring to the guy who said that CIJ jags have MIJ strat pickups.. so dude which did u get the tele or the jag?
Jags can stay in tune just as well as any other guitar with a non-triple locking everything tremelo. IE. Strats.
Well, the pickups could deffinately do with an upgrade. SD do nice replacement ones.
It isn't going to fall apart in your hands, but you do need to be prepared to be a tad dissapointed at first. After a bridge, pickup swap and some heavier gauge strings it's great.

Also, not guy, girl...

Try both out.
Also, i'd like to point out
That picture is wrong, that's an AV jag.
A do believe that matching headstocks come with CIJ jags and there's no mute on the bridge.
So Jaguars have more space for improvement than teles?A tele would cause as fewer headaches at the beginning?
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the fender jazzmaster is about as alternative as it gets. im not talking about redhot chilli pepper alternative either. im talking My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Radiohead.
i'm sorry becky bout the gender thingie.. but japan does have normal jags- jags without matching head stocks too...and i'm a jag lover, dun get me wrong i wanted so much to getta jag at first cuz it just looks sweet but my fren told me that snow patrol use the 72 tele to record the whole album. so i think it's versatile for slow and fast songs. and that's when i thot; it can be my main axe. know how they always have another guitar behind em on stage? jag will prob make front stage for a few songs only...
I've come to the conclusion that Teles are more "safe" guitars after all...Jaguars are super,but they require a lot of work on them and they seem some kind of "risk"...
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so dude... u getting the 72 tele eh?

No I haven't decided yet!!!
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Get the jag.

I will take the risk...after all
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are Jags shit quality or something? i dont really want to buy a guitar and then pay extra to replace parts. which one will sound better distorted? jag or tele 72?
i agree with lukewits.. dunna wanna spend the money on extras.. i guess it'd be better to get a jag with humbuckers than a jag without that's for sure... * sigh its worse than picking a girlfren...
i lean more towards the tele now... but after i found out that jags were recontinued by the japs which is where i'm going in a mths time, i fall back to the line between the tele and jag again
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