Well, quick lil background. Ive been playing bass going on 3 years, and ive always played with my finger. recently i switched to playing with a pick (wanted to be faster but my fingers werent cutting it).
I have my strap long, so the bass is around my knees or so, i put my hand on the bridge and alt. pick.
anyways, after i play for a while my wrist is just killing me, and i cant practice no more.
what do ya'll think?
1.just cause i aint used to it?
2.poor tequnique maybe?
3. crappy wrists?
thanks in advance for help.
On your knees!?

Raise it Alot!, i wear mine on my belly, and its considered average.

And by the way, yes it might be crappy technique, do you learn with a teacher?
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no, I'm self-taught. ive never learned from a teacher.
well at first i thought maybe it was because i had my hand on the bridge, but pybus from cradle of filth plays like that, so i figured it wasnt that.
Just practice man, maybe you're holding your pick wrong cos i play with my fingers or a pick and my bass is also around my knees and I kick ass! so ya, just practice or ask a guitar teacher for a pointer or 2.
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Definitely your low-hung bass.

The lowest it -should- be is at your belt line.
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Maybe raising the bass a little by adjusting your strap would help. Having it around the knees seems to low to be comfortable for me because I have to bend my fretting wrist more and anchoring your wrist on the bridge could also be a reason that it hurts.

- Toby