Okay, I figured this would probably be the most suitable place to put this

I have a really terrible fret buz on the 7th fret, A string... nowhere else on the neck

Nowhere else.

I've tried changing the action, it has a bit of an effect if I raise the action more, but I'm pretty sure it was never this high before. There seems to be nothing wrong with the fret itself.

Does anyone have any ideas what it might be?
Are you using a different gauge strings?
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Basically, I went on a coach trip and the driver insisted on my guitar being put in the luggage compartment. So now it buzzes on the 7th fret A string. It was fine before the journey, I played two gigs with it.

EDIT: I figured it could be something to do with the neck? Should I check the truss rod?
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i say loosen it up and let it sit, then tighten it up to where it was, it might have just gotten too cold, and the neck tightened up.
How about the nut? You may need a new nut. I think that's the problem with mine. Also, file a claim for the cost of repairs, since it's sensible to think that it was the company's fault.
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what if you got the guitar and the frets buzz. the E,A and D strings are the only ones that do it. it doesnt matter where i play on the neck, but the higher i go the better it gets. the action is as high as it can go. what else can i do?
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It is not the nut and it is not the action. If it's only on the 7th fret A string then it means that there is either a low spot in the 7th fret located under the A string or it means there is a high spot in the 8th fret located under the A string. My 1st action would be to get a brass hammar and try tapping on the 8th fret. If it had started to lift then tapping it a little could knock it into place. If you can't get a brass hammar then get some hardwood (like rock maple, rosewood, or ebony) an put that on the fret then tap it with a regular hammer. Don't use a steel hammer directly on the fret because you will dent the fret and cause more buzzing not less.

If tapping the fret doesn't work the next step is grinding it down. If it's only in the one spot I can't imagine you have much grinding to do. Get a sharpening stone from your kitchen, lay it flat on your fretboard, and run it over the offending spot on the guitar. When you can see scuff marks on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th frets then you know you have ground down far enough. Make sure you move the stone straight up and down the neck and make sure you don't let the stone wobble over the 8th fret. If you do let the stone wobble over the high point (the 8th fret) then you can make the problem worse not better.
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