Hey there, im doing a school project on guitar effects and how they work(ex: how distortion works and what it does to the input sound). Im having major problems with finding reliable internet sources for the project and i need your help. Can you please post links on this topic? I would really appreciate it!

PS: Yes ive tried wikipedia =)
i dont have any links, but you probably arent going to find too much in a google search (well, you will find too much, which leads to not finding much of use). see if your school has subscriptions to any good sources. stuff like IEEE explore is great for things like this. for distortion, look into diode circuits used as clippers (search for something like 'diode + clipper'). you will also want to look at RC circuits, which are going to be your tone controls in a lot of cases.

also, chieftanec, dont endorse illegal activities such as using torrents to obtain copyrighted materials. next time i see it you get a warning.
howstuffworks' website has pretty good info about distortion and what it is. Also, if I remember correctly, geofex.com has good info in there too somewhere.

EDIT: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/electric-guitar2.htm

http://www.geofex.com/ (click guitar fx faq at the very top left, and the distortion 101. that's the best one, the howstuffworks one isn't as good as I remember (or else I haven't found the same link, lol)
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