Yeah, I'm ranting lol

People have marked my tabs down even though I know they're perfect, and I'm not delusional thanks

I try to rate every tab from my fav artists with a fair and just rating, because I know the songs pretty much inside out, yet people still choose to rate them down for no apparent reason, probably due to general ignorance, inability to understand the tab or maybe even flaming the artist or song

It seems perhaps it should be required to comment with every rating or people are gonna continue to give tabs unjustified ratings

*end rant*
eehm, here's my careface: -_-.. then maybe they arent as "perfect" as u want em to be??
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yeah, if it's more than 1 person marking them down.. maybe you missed ssomething? i'm sure there are some people who mark stuff low for no reason, but i can't see a whole bunch of people doling it..

*looking at your submitted tabs, they're all 4 or 5 stars.. with only a few votes.. whats the problem?
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