Hey I posted this in the relationship thread but no one acknowledged it and when I asked if it should just be another thread no one answered that either so here it is:

My best friend has always had a lot of girlfriends. And hes my best friend in a Lloyd and Harry kind of way. Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughtan Jr. Bill and Ted. But hes had this one GF for 2 and a half years. And about 3 or more months ago they broke up. They had "broken up" a few times before, once or twice from him kinda being suspicious in the company of other specific girls. But this girlfriend is/was really paranoid at times. But this break up about 3 months ago was pretty definite and real, especially since he had sex with another girl about a week after the break up. But about 2 weeks after meeting that girl he decided she was crazy and broke up with her. Eventually him and his 2 year GF got back together and things looked pretty solid for them at times. But she broke up with him after about a month. He said he saw it coming and seemed alright with it. After a little while he started pursuing another GF. So his 2 year GF started hanging out with our crew and last night he kind of broke down because he couldn't stand being around her but not with her because he still loves her. So this all happened with a lot of friends around so a lot of us talked to him. I thought it was more or less resolved but its not because I woke up today and got on AIM and hes still asking her to love him again, then he wants to hang out with everyone or atleast her which is like WTF. To add to all of this, he said to me that she liked me (he had joked about it in the past). I think she does to, but I told him that hes at the top of my priority list and shes at the very bottom and that I would never let that touch our friendship. And I even like her but what I told my friend was the truth and I don't really give a f*** for her if that comes between me and my best friend. But the big thing is hes just so heavily dependent on girlfriends and he needs to stop acting stupid and trying always be with somebody (anybody).

So what should I do?! I've made it clear to him how much I care and that if he doesn't come out of all this with a better understanding and better policy towards women that it will be the end of our friendship. So I'm pretty much just waiting for him to make the next move. Any advice?
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You can only help him so much. Eventually it's his decision. You're doing the right thing.

That said, that's no reason to end your friendship. If you're going to do that, you might as well date the 2yr girl and **** her right in front of him.
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Woah, he's like a chick magnet. But dw man, soon he will die from some sort of STD and you'll get to nail his x gf. But remember to wrap your tool.
i skipped through that it was kinda messy with all the different girlfriends but what age is this guy
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i skipped through that it was kinda messy with all the different girlfriends but what age is this guy

We're only strays.
Not really sure what else you can do. You can try to make him change, but in the end he's got to do it himself. I had a situation something like this awhile ago, it resolved itself after some time. So... I guess, hope for the best, and keep trying to make him see how he needs to change.
I've had friends like this

they define themselves by whether or not their with someone, or in some cases a very specific someone

a few time this is happened to really good friends of mine, band members and all around good guys i hang around

in the end they gotta be big boys and make up their own minds about what's important...i tend to cut them off like a diseased foot...i lose a lot of friends, but i force them to do what makes them happy, or what makes them think they're happy. sometimes i never talk to them again, other times really tight friends become casual acquintances

Some guys are just tools when it comes to broads...don't make it a "her or me" kind of issue but tell him to grow some gonads and be a man about it
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Try to avoid his ex for a while.I know how hard it is to be with someone who you still have feelings for but you know its over. So yea, try to do things that keep his mind off her, like go play some sports or something together, just the guys. After a while, his feelings for her will change, and she'll just be like any other girl. Then she can hang out with you guys again.
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