Okay, so i remember this one game from my youth.. it was this big world where you were this guy and had to collect different swords and armors to get through things on the world map to get to other areas. They had like, the lightning sword, fire sword, ice sword etc. and armor as well.
Can anybody tell me which game this is?

Thank you,.
Chrono Trigger? Final Fantasy? Need more details. Like LKW said, that's pretty similar to pretty much any RPG.
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Soul Blazer?
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest?

I looooooooove SNES RPG's.
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dno but i just find an ace site...


thank me later people
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cAN you describe some characters?
that would be the most helpful thing ever
or maybe some more information, just anything
well, the levels weren't really like normal RPGs, mor like side-scrollers
and the world map was an ocean, i believe, with a whole bunch of islands.

That's all I can remember

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the swords were to open doors, i believe, only certain swords could open certain doors/tear down certain walls.
i know the game you seek!

Ghosts 'n' Ghouls

its that side scrolling rpg and you collect armor and stuff XD
no, not that one, you dolt.

It was more like Final fantasy, not sure if it was one of the series.
Pretty sure it was japanese.
Don't know about the angel figure.
nope, that's pretty much it.
It looked like a japanese game, I believe.
Damn, I only rented it once, and that was 9 years ago, I can't remember.
none of the final fantasy games have a time setting O_O

but god im trying to remember any others >_<
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none of the final fantasy games have a time setting O_O

but god im trying to remember any others >_<

that's the thing, neither does thing game. (at least i think so), but if it does, it's probably the middle ages.
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so why do you need to find out the game?

no particular reason, just notalgie and curiosity

EDIT: no, not tales of phantasia. It's not an RPG per se, at least I don't think so. You only had one character, just different weapons and levels.

(The map was more like Super Mario World's, I think)
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Sounds like Alex The Kid (if it were ever to be released on the SNES)
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Actraiser I or II maybe?

You said it was a side-scroller didn't you?