Ok so I have exzema (have done since year 5) and i have run out of cream and can't get more till thursday and i was wondering is there any real difference between Fucibet cream and Fucidin cream because my sister has Fucidin (**** knows why) and i was wondering if i could use that or would it harm my skin more?

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Yeh I would wait till thursday
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Yeah, as far as UG is concerned, we're good for a laugh, some musical discussion, and guitar info, but as far as medical issues go, STAY AWAY! You'll no doubt be misinformed
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call your doctor or dermatologist and ask about it.

dont ask a bunch of kids on UG.

True that. Doctor's know best, apparently
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defo dont use the fucibet cream. its a potent cream used in severe cases. could cause u some problems if u use it.