What is a good bridge pickup for a Strat, that is well-suited for alternative music (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, etc.)
The one it comes with works pretty good for me. I play a lot of alternative/rock stuff and i'm 100% satisfied with my stock strat.
If you want to see the setup of some of your favourite bands, check out the site guitargeek.com
Here is one of kurt cobain's setups: http://guitargeek.com/rigview/522/

I guarantee that its that stack of amps that gives Cobain his "sound" more than anything. Unfortunetely, some powerful amps and marshall stack speakers aren't nearly as cheap as a new set of pickups. Sad, but true.
What are some good pickups to go double humbucker on a Ibanez grX20?
play classic rock and alternative.... a lot of barchords and solos
bust a lick

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