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Second, Behringer amps should be avoided if at all possible. The general quality of them is poor, and a disturbing number of them break shortly after being bought. Stay away
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

"Honey, I've got to buy a new bass! This diamond is made of a dead guy! I made him a promise!"

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Mine has broken, don't buy them, they are very unreliable
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One thing about Behringers is that they're a mixed bag. Some are reliable, but more often than not, they break. I have the 4500B head, and it's been nothing but great.

Unfortunately, it seems that they put out more lemons than anything.
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I Used Behringer all my bass lifetime, I use combo's, but I dont play in a band so its all I really need and couldnt comment on how they perform lon stage, I couldnt complain about it and I couldnt comment on a stack. But like I sed the Combo I use (BX600) has so far been nothing but joy for me