This is the final version of a song me and my band are going to add to our new demo it still needs some work

Tell me what you think any advise will help greally Crit 4 Crit

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its got some potential man, like you said with my song there is an amount of repetition but overall creative and the solo was cool best part was final riff good use of space
woah, sounds great.
The only things i can see are: The palm mutes, they probably sound good on a real guitar, but in GP they just detached the notes to make it sound like it's not finished.
All you're riffs were excellent though and that solo, it was a bit weird (how the hell do you play it? ) but i still loved it, Excellent stuff!

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was that a whammy solo I hear? Will you marry me?

This song is great, I love the riffage, instant win with me. The whammy solo (i think it's whammy i only listened to the midi) was just the ending flavor it needed. Hawtttt. I have no problems with this song what so ever.

Great work.
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that was pretty sweet riffage but not really what im listenin to these days but it suited the genre perfectly deffinitely CC kinda stuff, the whammy bar thing sounded weird but on real guitar its probably fine i know its hard to tab that shit, but yeah good stuff, 7/10
i dont know a whole lot about writing death metal... but it sounded good. Very technical, maybe a little too technical? maybe. But, i liked it. I would work on that little solo though, it didn't quite seem like it fit.
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the intro is wayyy too much like infecting the crypts. but its fantastic, i like the way the powerchords were used. the riffing was great, the solo wasnt all too good but it was okay. keep it up

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Thanks for the crit of my piece first of all, very much appreciated.

Your piece reminds me very much of cannibal corpse for the first half, then suffocation for the second half (which judging from your comment above me is what you were going for), so well done for that. Its fairly technical in places but always under control, and the solo is fairly short but fits well with the overall feel of the piece. The only thing i may suggest is take out the last 3 chords in bar 76, and end the piece with just the one chord. Maybe a bassline too to thicken it out a bit but other then that good job!

i'll give it a 9/10
It's pretty good, reminded me of CC as well. The only comment I have is that it sounds TOO much like any other deathmetal song... in other words, it lacks originality. The riffs all fit together, there's speed, there's brutality, but all of it is too generic (to me...) and 'done 100000000000 times before'. You obviously know how to write a deathmetal song, so now you have to try and concentrate on making it more original, trying different song structures etc... .

first of all, death metal is a genre i've never been asociated with or listened to in my life, so i gotta say, this is pretty cool. It's amazing what you can do with fast one note riff-fests. The drums were decent and fitted nicely i thought, and some bass would have gone well with this song. The lead part near the end was a little strange in my opinion, but as i said, thats just my opinion

Overall i thought you manged to create a good, precise peice of music that didn't really get boring. And that is something coming from someone who doesn't listen to death metal. I would like to see some bass in the song, and maybe a few alterations to the solo. 7.5/10
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Great job man...like someone said, it was a little generic sounding, but still pretty awesome. Interesting solo...I'd love to hear an actual recording, instead of the midi.
Excellent. One of the few Death Metal songs on here that has managed to keep me interested. Although theres nothing standout about it, which isn't really the objective of a piece like this, the riffage is very solid. Very early CC, Suffocation. I especially liked bars 36-51.

Nice job.
Well i'll conceed now... i'm not a fan of Death Metal. So I'm not a fan of this song. It's good, but i reckon it could be better. The only bit i really like is the final rhythm.
There is an alternative that i like and that's dropping the guitars to C rather than D, but the solo doesn't sound great even in that tuning. The solo needs a lot of work, in my opinion.
in D 4/10
in C 7/10
Just tune it down and see if it's any better.
Yeh well as Shadow said, im not a fan of death metal either, so who am i rate it? But i will say that if you can actually play that song, i really respect you as a guitarist, thats some tough shit right there. Perhaps add a bass part?
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First off, thanks for the crit on my song man, I appreciate it.

Anyways, I don't know too much about death metal, but the song was definitley a death metal song. The only death metal band I really know anything about is Necrophagist, but it's not fair to compare you to them. The song was very chaotic, and sounded very dark. The solo sounded very weird, but it fit the song suprisingly well. Also in the last bar, you should just end on the first chord in that bar, it would sound better. As far as I can tell, this is a genuine badass death metal song. It sounds good man.
Basically, what I loved about it, is that it wasn't overly technical just for the hell of it. You actually had a theme, instead of random notes, and you repeated them; I love it. It's definitely memorable, something you'd take notice of on a CD, instead of a collection of riffs thrown together like many I've seen posted here.
The song sounds pretty sweet..

I hope to god you don't ruin it with some stupid growling vocals.
Ruin? Ugh...

Nice job, very Suffocation-like and stuff. I really did enjoy this. Except the ending was a bit weird, but nice song. A little short, too. Hope you feel like adding more to this.
Pretty good. The intro is direction taken from Suffocation - Infecting the Crypts. Could do with some more interesting riffs and a better solo. I can see this sounding very good with an old Suffocation type production, and deep growls. I suggest also not to have a sterile, Necrophagist/new Suffocation like production for this. It would make it awfully generic sounding, and it'd sound much better with a raw tone.
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