hello everybody. So i've got i line 6 spider III 75w and the FBV shortboard with it and it equals about 720$ canadian. So i walked into the shop i got it from and they said i might be able to trade it in. I saw a flextone in their for around 700(i dont kno if ther is a smaller one.) and im thinking about getting that one, i have yet to try it. If anyone cud tell me wether there is a difference between the 2 or if they are practicaly the same plz let me kno.

Spiders suck, Flextones arent as bad. I would trade it in and go for a different brand- what music do you play?
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The flextone will be much better and also much more expensive.

Do they have anything else there?
i play alot of blink 182 and that modern pop/punk style. I also play some acdc and older rock. a bit of meatal too i gess. for tubes the only things they had in the price range was a peavey classic 30 and a delta blues. They had some solid state fenders and the vox valvetronix and they wer a bit overpriced and i was satisfyed.

i just tryed to flextone and was very satisfyed. but wich one wud be louder between the fender, the vox and the flextone? and which one wud sound bettr at louder volumes.