Hey guys, as the title suggests, I have a question in regards to Floyd Rose's. I've got a 1989 Ibanez EX-360 and the Licensed Floyd Rose is really starting to piss me off. 3 years ago when I was a n00b I was looking for a guitar with a Floyd as my first guitar, like all n00bs want. I came across this particular guitar and decided I wanted it (hey, it was only $300CAD). After numerous hours spent tinkering with the springs and countless dollars spent to set the bridge up properly, I bothered to learn how to do it myself. Now it's set up properly, but I took the locking nuts off. It seems that the guitar stays in tune better when the nuts are taken off as compared to locking them down or keeping them unlocked. Why is that? I don't even use the bar for the most part so I took it off. However it seems strange to me that the guitar would stay in tune better without the nuts than with them. Perhaps I'm just tightening them too much/too little? When I bought the guitar the guys at the shop told me to never overtighten anything. They said if I couldn't unlock the nut with my fingers it's too tight. Is that right? Or have I been doing it wrong this whole time?
i dont know exactly, but i crank my nuts pretty tight before rocking my FR, nothing is worse then getting tuned and ready to jam and realizing after that first dive bomb the nuts were to loose. as far as the falling out of tuning quicker with the nuts on, it might jsut be your ears. when your bridge is locked your expecting your guitar to stay in tune, so you notice the first signs of it coming out and touch it up right away. atleast thats what comes to mine with my experience
Well I might think it's that, except I don't mean they're slightly out of tune. I mean they're ALL over the place. E's become F's, D's become C's, and so on.