The Greatest Moments on UG thread reminded me of something. Dose anyone remember that kid who had a website with videos and pics of him playing guitar and sucking balls at it. It was like 25 pages of people saying how bad he was and finally one of his friends created a profile here and told us to shut up b/c it was hurting his feelings.

(i guess that whole paragraph was a question so i'll end it with) ?

i know it was a vegue (sp?) discription but its a good memory
Vincent745. Search "Only Vincent745 Thread" and check it out. Bad, really hilarious stuff. Most of his movies are gone by now, though.
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Sounds like people were pretty harsh on this kid. I doubt I'd laugh at that kind of thing.
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no it wasn't vincent. This guy had a website his parents made for him where they posted videos playing smells like teen spirit awfully

Was that the video of the kids at the talent show with a girl that couldnt sing at all?
^ I remember that video
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