You guys remember me maybe from my topics about a distortion pedal that I wanted to buy to replace the digital, sharp sounding distortion of my Line 6 Spider 15. Many of you adviced me to buy a new amp. So I will follow your advices. I've been looking around and the Roland Cube 60 seems to be a good amp for me, because I play a lot of metal in the style of Metallica, Iron Maiden,... However, I have a few questions about it:

1) Is 60W too much for home practicising? (I want a amp for practising together with my brother who plays bass guitar, but I do not exclude that I will play in a band in the future.
2) Doesn't sound the Cube too digital, like my Line 6?
3) Can I also have nice clean sounds with it?


60 watts isnt too much, low watt solid states can sound good because your not woried about overdriving tubes, but you cant turn it up to loud or it turns to crap. The cube dosent sound too digital, its actually pretty good for a modeler. And yes it has decent cleans. It will be a over all huge improvment of your line 6 spider