That was great!
I like your vocals man, you have a great voice.
Only the guitar sounds alot like Good riddance, some good stuff though at 2:00

Keep it up!
Might not mean much but, it's much better than I can play(on acoustic anyway)/sing/write....

Thanks for all the comments thus far. Does anyone have anything that might be bad about the song though? I love the good comments just wondering if anything should be changed at all.
Icarus, your link just takes me to the original recordings page. I think you posted up the wrong link.
Sound quality is one of the better recordings on this website. Song wasn't exactly something that I would listen to (especially with the very emo song title), but it is a good song over all.

Crit mine
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Thanks for all the positive comments so far. I really appreciate what you guys have said.
very nice - you already know that though, so i'll give you my suggestions:

Bring up the vocals. Be proud of your lyrics and your voice, because its good - the resonance is there, use some reverb etc to bring it out.

If you are serious about recording, then invest in a better mic. Or even better, two good mics (one for guitar one for vox)... it'll make your recordings sound immensely better. You already have a good voice and decent guitar playing - you just need the equipment to compliment them.

Hope that helps. Give mine a listen (in my sig), tell me what you think.

Thanks, ask withnail for the advice. I am looking at getting some professional studio time very soon so, hopefully the quality will be much better.
I thought the high vocals near the end of the song were a bit loud in the mix, but good playing overall. Vocals were good except that one part made me cringe a bit lol. I think maybe adding some cello or violin synth as well would compliment the piece.