I just wanted to demo some vocals for some people, so I was looking so see if anyone knows where it would be possible to find songs from Lamb of God or In Flames without the vocals.

I dont like singing over the song, because in order for the music to be loud enough to hear over my voice, the original vocals interfere.

I had found some videos on youtube of people playing different layers of songs. for example i saw a video of one kid playing all the guitar layers along withaa drum machine and it sounded perfect, so I figure i'd rip and use that. but i have only founs that for a single song.

some particular favorites im looking for, just incase anyoen by some miracle ahd ahppened to seen them or have mp3's of them are....
laid to rest
walk with me in hell

only for the weak
take this life
you could always download cool edit pro (cant remember where from, but google it and you'll find it). use cool edit pro to remove the vocals, occasionally it does a poor job but it generally works for me.
it's supposed to be payed but i found a crack pretty easily and in the trial you can still use the vocal remover