Hey guys whats going on,

Well My band and I are starting to cover some Dr. Dre songs ... old Dre songs from the g-funk era, basically rap songs with crazy good funk bands playing behind them (think Nothing But a 'G' Thang) and the only thing that isnt spot on is the key lines. We've got them pretty damn close, using an electric organ sound but theres just something we're missing that makes it sound like the recording. Ive heard Dre substantially used the key bender to make those lines slur, and we're not key bending, but when we do we just cant seem to get it right. Is electric organ the way to go or is there a specific effect he uses? Is key bending the way to go and does anyone know how to perfect it?

Thanks fellas.
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It does sound like key bending to me, but I'm not 100% sure. I guess it just takes a bit of perfecting to get it sounding right.
What brand of keyboard you got?

What might help is messing with the wave frequency on the bends... Not sure if it's the right way of explaining it but you can make it more/less subtle.
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The Chronic album is incredible, all funk bands playing crazy shit, awesome basslines, sweet key parts, great rapping. That was all back when rap was amazing. Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle album is the same, great funk tunes catchy lines, the whole deal. Plus, theyre amazingly fun to cover, especially since we're known for classic rock and reggae, its a bit of a change but a welcome one to say the least. The keyboard we were using was a KORG, it belongs to someone who isnt a member of our band but comes down and jams with us on g-funk tunes. We'll definately try the wave frequency thing, thanks alot guys.
Playing more paintball and reading more books than playing guitar lately.
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a guitar with a whammy pedal would probably be easier

2nd to that, just get another guitar player to play the line and make it sound a bit more rocky thats all.
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Ive heard the lines played with a whammy pedal, and honestly wasnt that impressed by it. The thing is here we're not trying to sound 'rocky' we want that funk sound that the original groups behind the songs played(which no one seems to notice until you listen closely).
Playing more paintball and reading more books than playing guitar lately.