Here is another Track From The Legion Below album "The Plague Of One Thousand Lives"

Thanks to all who crit my previous Legion Below song "Flames Between Us"

C4C as usual.

A Dying Sky
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It's a good quality song. Really clear and well mixed. I like the overall sound here, even the vocals are pretty good. Nice work on the lead guitar, although some of the fast licks were a tad sloppy. The synth in the background was a bit bland. All in all, it's a good song. A lot better than you usually hear on UG.

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Sounds great, the bass could be synced better with the rest of the track though (at rhe start). Great guitar work. The synth sound could be improved (but I would say that as I spend my time making synths where you play guitar like mofo instead!)
Vocals..... are .... suprisingly good. Pulled off quite well! Congrats! Good use of multitracking, sound playing.

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the bass is kinda laggin but thats the only problem i hear with it. Everything else sounds kick ass considering im not a metal head, i have respect for the music though, good job man. Just sync that bass better. whoa the vocals, they sound very mature, and very well fit the style of music, personally I dont like that style, but it fits, sounds good, i can definitely see this as a hit. Everything was good man, really good. the synth i like as well. good song overall, not my style though. but its still great though. thanks for the crit, just fix that bass in the beginning.
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