hey, which pick is superior, the big stubbys from dunlop, or the jazz III from dunlop. by the way whats the difference between the black and red jazz III????
it doesnt matter what pick you play with. it's all preference. the all time standard are the tortex and thats what i use.

it wont make a difference what you use, just use what you feel most comfortable with. there is no 'better' or 'worse'
The Jazz lll are better picks and no,there is no difference between the red and black picks.The thing is that musician's friend was selling the ultra grip Jazz lll's with the normal
picks.Trust me I have both.
No no, there is a difference. One is very slightly denser than the other, but I can't remember which. I don't think it's a really important thing, but worth noting.
Just pick them up and see how they feel, it's all about feel.
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my god you have got to be kidding me there are no better picks you dumbasses need to realize their is no easy way to get good at guitar it is all practice. Your not gonna pick up a jazz pick and shred like Vai its years and years of practice. The best pick is the pick you feel most comfortabel playing with i like the Dunlop tortex 88s they are best for me they may not be for you. Just play with what feels comfortable
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its about what you prefer- i personally LOVE the stubbyes with a passion
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jazz iiis are nice but they take some getting used to. i still want to try the xl versions because i think the regular jazz iiis are too small for me.
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I realize that practice is the way to get better, I play about 3-5 hours a day, thank you, but if these picks help develop better control as most users say they do, then what will it hurt to try them out, I just thought I would see which was the most preferred, Jazz III, or Stubbys?
The difference between black and red Jazz IIIs is that the black one is stiffer than the red...
Well, like previous people said, it depends on preference. But go with Dunlop Tortex picks. they have varying thicknesses (i use 1.14) and have a great grip
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