Whenever I play scales it seems as I get towards the higher notes, notably ones on the High E, my wrist becomes hindered by the volume knob of my guitar. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just my improper technique that causes this? It should be noted that I am currently using a shitty Squire guitar.
If you intend to continue playing this guitar, you are going to have adapt around the instrument. If you took the knob off it might get out of your way a little more, but then again, that is cosmeticaly and mechanicaly a problem.

Just adapt.
What guitar is it you have?

I'm assuming Strat, but squier do Teles too.

If it's a Strat, I 'd sya you're picking a lil close to the bridge.. .The volume knob is only really gonna get in the way of your little finger, which isn't a worry. The trem is what annoys me if I'm palm muting on a Strat. You just need to adapt slightly.

On a Tele or other Squire shed, I have no idea
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