This is a pretty dumb question but I recently got a metronome and to be honest have no idea how to use it. Should I just play scales and align my notes with that of the metronome? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Well i suppose you could play scales at first just to get a feel for the metronome but ideally you want to use it while playing songs. I'm assuming you don't know much theory but there should be various settings on it for 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and bpm to set the speed. The fraction is going to be read for example (3/4) 3 Notes in a Measure, Quarter Note gets a beat. If your time was 3/4 and you were playing 8th notes for example you would play two 8th notes in one beat, 4 16th notes, 1 quarter note, .5 a half note... etc. I hope its not too confusing but you need to know some theory to understand this.
Yeah I guess I should brush up on some theory thanks though