Christmas is awhile away and i'm checking out buys for a new guitar. I have my eyes set on a Jackson MG series Warrior, But i've heard that the RR5 is alot better. The Warrior's body is awesome and looks great and i haven't found any RR5's with whammy bars. So just wondering, could you please post here with your opinions on both and w.e else you know, standard price, crap like that. Also if you could please tell me, which guitar would suit a metal/heavy rock guitarist best.

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Warriors are sweet... but the RR5 is a higher end model, and therefore will probably be a better guitar. And you're not gonna find an RR5 with a trem, i think the RR1's and the RX10 come with trems. I think you can get the MG Warrior for $600-800 roughly, and i think the RR5 is somewhere over a grand. I THINK anyway, haven't checked Jackson prices lately.

Edit: The MG Warrior also comes stock with EMG's, and the RR5 has Seymour Duncans, can't remember which models exactly. Also the Warrior has 24 frets, RR5 has 22. Only Rhoads models with 24 frets are the new RR24 and the JS30RR, but i don't know if number of frets is a factor for you or not.
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MG Warrior: Licensed Floyd Rose (i.e. a Jackson copy), EMG 85 in the neck, 81 in the bridge. 24 frets, and a bolt on neck.

RR5: TOM bridge with the strings mounted through the body. Seymour Duncan JB in neck and the bridge. 22 frets and a neck-thru.

It's really up to you.
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The Jackson LFRs arent that bad, it'll last you awhile but in the end a switch will most likeyl be necessary.
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