1st up rock bands
What is a rock band?
Not a wrist a band...
Not a sweat band....
But something above both of these for it has some strange air of authority without actually having much practical use apart from looking cool.
However rock bands come in many forms there the checked ones, the fan boish band ones, the bondage styly one (affectionatly known as goth bands)
And then once you got hold of one what do you plan to do with it. Hopefully not prancing around all day showing it off to your mates as if they still value you opinion.
Or do you stick it full of random badges like some voodoo doll. The decision is yours.
also striped clothing- what's with the rage is it dead yet why is the proprotion of striped peopel concnetrated to certain areas
types of jeans-what's with emo tight jeans- what makes the best rock pair of jeans
and head bands- how to wear them, can they ever look that good
Sorry for any inconvinieces caused be my foolishly named title-but why have you all bothed to post all saying the same thing and didn't really try to see what i was getting at (maybe I should use pictures) Still lets advoid the angst and save for another forum-which i might inebitally make and may already done so
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what are you on about
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U dont understand these forums yet!
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Wait... I think he's talking about rock HEAD bands. Make it a little more distinct next time. We all thought you were talking about rock bands, as in AC/DC or something like that.
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sorry guys..are you happy now
(i was talking about the things you wear on wrists...but i guess you read my introduction before you posted...right)
that better be all sorted now..yes?
Watch as the world falls around me or is it me who has fallen from the world
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