The title says almost everything. I want a wah pedal, and i don't know which one I'll buy: Ibanez weeping demon 7 or crybaby (probably Dimebag Darrell's from hell), which one do you suggest?
I've heard the Ibanez wd-7 is far better, but i wanted to check it out..
i vouch for the weeping demon over the crybaby from hell
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out of those
dimebag crybaby from hell

but if you want a really good wah
check out the vox


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I've heard great things about the weeping demon...It's supposedly much more versatile than the crybaby.
i headr great things about the Dimebag for metal.. but if you play classic id say vox

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the Weeping Demon is a great pedal, it really versatile, i'd keep mine. but i want a Fulltone Clyde, i can get a great funk tone out of it then go all the way to metal, its really nice.

(if your interested in buying one used from me PM me, the kid buying mine wont respond to my PMs and its been 3 or 4 days )
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go for the weeping demon, it is great for metal (if that's what your after), and it has great range.
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Pesonally, I find the Weepind Demon somewhat lacking. It sounds mediocre to me.

I would go for a Dunlop 535Q, Crybaby From Hell, or you could save up and Get a Teese Wizard wah.