I play my guitar high up like the Beatles/Tom Morello. But I'd really like to play it lower, because it makes lots of right-hand technique so much easier for me, especially tremelo stuff.
The problem is, when I lower it, my left hand can't hand it. I can't get a good enough angle to change position quickly at all, and my fingers go all out of position. Even power chords become a struggle.
Is this something that will just go away as I play, or am I doing something wrong? If it's gonna kill my technique to play low, I'll just keep playing high, but it seems like most people play low, so that can't be it...
just move it down slowly every day by a little bit- you'll gradually get used to it
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i play mine kinda high (not like the beatles, kinda like srv) i think people who play down at their knees look like jackasses
I play mine higher. I have short arms, plus it's just easier to play higher.
i play mine like petrucci. but if you want to go lower maybe just practice. but is really a big deal playing high? the important thing is where your are comfortable at.

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